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Bestaurant: Fonte Pequena Inn, Alte

Head inland to the hills and on to the village of Alte, which has roots back to the period of the Roman occupation. Alte is frequently, and rightly so, referred to as the village most typical of the Algarve.

In Alte, following the river upstream one can walk along a paved garden area which is dedicated to Alte's famous poet, Cândido Guerreiro, and reach at the far end, the Fonte Pequena Inn.

This restaurant is massive on the inside and frequently provides sustenance and shelter from the sun to the clients of the numerous jeep safaris that roam the Algarvean hills. Outside, the rustic tables are tucked away beneath Lime - not the fruit lime but the Tilia / Linden variety - trees.

The Fonte Pequena Inn is one of the special group of restaurants (our term is bestaurants) which we believe to be the best combination of venue, quality and value in the Algarve. As our blog develops, we will be adding links, with directions to all of our favourites. Bom appetite!