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Good Men Well Honoured

Taking the old road to Lisbon from Monchique in the direction of the village of Nave Redonda, one travels along a twisty road heading up into the mountains. The work that must have gone into the creation of this route can only be guessed at. The road often finds itself clinging to the edge of the mountainside, carved by men and machine, one can imagine frequently at great risk.

Between Monchique and Nave Redonda there is a fountain, nestled within the trees, a relaxing venue where one can take the fresh flowing spring water and sit a while.

The fountain is called Fonte de Amoreira, the Fountain of the Mulberry Tree, which grow in abundance in the area.

The ceramic tiled inlays in and around the fountain are dedicated to the men who laboured building the roadway, and like the road have weathered reasonably well.

Traveling throughout the Algarve you are likely to find many such roadside fountains, many sadly in disrepair, but the spirit that this particular fountain conveys will always be with us on our travels.