Algarvean Daze

Events & Activities - mainly during the daytime - across the Algarve

Event: Banho 29 - Midnight Bathing

The annual tradition of Banho Vinte Nove, in which entire families of bathers gather for a midnight dip in the sea occurs - depending on the area of the Algarve - on either August 29, or if you're descending on the sea from Monchique, on September 29.

Each year families from the mountain areas, frequently dressed in period bathing costumes, set off for the beach - often along with their animals - and spend a night at the seaside grilling chourico, playing music, partying, and at midnight, going for a swim. Celebrations regularly continue until sunrise.

This year, the migration from Monchique sets off on Sunday 28th September, after gathering at 8PM at the departure point, the heliport in Monchique. From there the revelers will head to Praia do Vau near Portimao.

Fancy a dip? For more info (in Portuguese), with pictures from previous years click here.