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The Forecast Calls For Rain

Historically, we could have anticipated some rain between April and now, but until a few days ago we have not seen a drop. Looking at the averages, about 35mm (just under 1.5 inches) should have made it's presence felt, mainly during the late spring and possibly with a smattering during August. Not this year.

Our flora has relied totally on the irrigation system, topped up with a hand held hose. The beauty of this is the directionality. As our car parking area is laid to gravel, no water landing on the gravel meant no weeds growing in the gravel. And no weeding.

But all that is about to change. Leaden skies pendulous with the promise of deluges are gathering. After only two days of light showers the green shoots of autumn are beginning to emerge through the gravel. Should the rain arrive, and with anticipated vengeance, these tiny shoots will explode into rapidly growing triffid-like entities, challenging us to attempt to outpace their growth with our extraction techniques.

Neither of us will win outright. We will manage to remove some of our verdant visitors, the ones we do not get to quickly enough will send their roots in myriad directions to ensure the survival of their species at the commencement of next year's rainy season.

And do we really care? After a long, warm, dry summer the thought of a few days of steady, continuous rainfall, washing away the accumulated dust from the leaves of the plants and trees, nourishing in only the way nature's irrigation could possibly do, is an event worth looking forward to.

If it's raining and you are reading this as a visitor to the Algarve, I apologise for the weather. If you're a local, we can rejoice together.