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Everything Is Relative

It did get a bit chilly here. Not the serious cold that was felt in other places in Europe, but a little bit colder than it has been - at least where we live - for two years.

While English friends tell us the temps were dropping to minus 10 and American friends were experiencing 15 below, we struggled to squeak in at -0.5.

As lame as this was in comparison, it was sufficient to do some serious damage in the garden. The lantana, the poinsettia, the iochroma, the jacaranda, just to mention some, have all suffered badly. The almond, on the other hand, is beginning to flower profusely and will shortly be covered in lovely pink-white blossoms.

As much as the damage was unwelcome, it does tend to remind us that no matter what adversity we experience, there are more than likely others who are hit a little bit harder.

Algarvean life may not always be idyllic, but it sure beats any other we've seen so far.