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Happiness Is A Warm Puppy. Or Kitty. Or Budgie...

One of the few drawbacks to living in the Algarve is pets. Not the act of owning pets, thats no problem, but what to do with those furry friends when travel and holidays becken.

When we lived in England we had a great friend and neighbour who popped in twice a day to look after our crew. We would not impose on our neighbours here however, as they are simply that - neighbours. And after a bad experience many years ago at a cattery where our little bitty buddies came home covered in fleas we have not used similar facilities since.

A couple of years ago, when taking our first holiday since moving to the Algarve, we eventually found a couple to housesit. Not only did they look after our moggies, the garden benefited from far more attention than we would probably have lavished upon it. It was great to return home to find everything in order.

I have to say I found the experience of using housesitters quite easy, compared to the difficulty we had in trying to FIND a housesitter. The ones we knew of were already booked, some that were recommended were unwilling to travel to us for the short period we were to be away. It took a lot of perseverance to eventually locate one who could tend to our needs.

Avoiding a repetition of this tedium in the future has caused us to put together a directory of housesitters so that availibility for any period of vacancy can be checked by a single group text to all involved. It works for us, and it could work for you.

Algarve House SittersIf you need a housesitter, go to ALGARVE HOUSE SITTERS and contact us.

It doesn't get much easier than that.