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It's An Ill Wind That Blows No Good

Back in the late 90s, prior to our becoming professionally unemployed, taking a break away from it all was easy. Go to the apartment on the Isle of Wight. Go to the cottage in the Algarve. Now it's a little different. Since we now live permanently in that little Algarvean cottage, and have sold the island apartment, where do we go?

The underlying theme of this blog tends to be all things Algarvean. So logically we should be looking for that little getaway venue here in the Algarve. So much for logic. In a repeat of an internal break last year, we will be returning this Spring to Palmela and then going on for a few days to see what Obidos has to offer. While there we will be looking for another property, possibly a character property, maybe coastal, maybe mountain-ish. Why don't we stay in the Algarve? Other than the fact that we already own property here, it's because northern property is comparatively cheap. And cheap is good.

Recent properties we have viewed on-line have included a semi-ruin, much like the one we converted into our home, at €35k, a pair of renovated cottages, a 1 bed and a 2 bed, both for €80k and a completely renovated hilltop windmill at €89k.

With property prices like this, it really doesn't matter whichever way the economic wind is currently blowing.