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Reasons To Live In Portugal - Part 1

A Saturday night in, parked in front of the TV, wind howling and copious amounts of lashing rain arriving in wave after wave. Is this any reason to prefer Portugal to any other country? Of course not.

My Dishy, Sunny FlowerBut what was I doing? Watching UK telly via the 1.37m satellite dish I upgraded to a couple of years ago, when I determined the standard DIY 80cm dish didn't gather enough of a signal to maintain a picture in even a moderate drizzle. So having splashed out for a suitable parabolica, here I was, a fire blazing, snug and warm, being entertained.

Why is this better? Because I am not paying a UK licence fee of £139.50, annually, for the privilege of viewing advert-laden, oft-repeated, dumbed-down programs. The quality of the shows on offer isn't better because I'm here, it's better because it's now true value for money.