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Fire On The Mountain

Not the classic song by The Marshall Tucker Band, but rather the possibility that exists with the arrival of warmer, drier weather.

We didn't see the firefighting helicopter the first time that it flew over, but when a second journey took a route which went directly over our heads it was very difficult to miss. So difficult to miss that a camera pointed skyward caught it as it rushed out of sight. As majestic - and noisy - as the machine was, what it represents is far more sinister. A summer where the ever present threat of forest fires will, or should, be always somewhere in our conscious minds. Too much damage has been done in the past to allow a repetition in the future.

Preaching has never been the intention of my blog entries, but I think on this occasion it's justifiable.

Fire kills.

It really doesn't matter whether a fire starts accidentally or is intentionally lit, the result is the same. Damage and death.

Hopefully the helicopter we saw was on a training flight. The Algarve needs to be prepared. But please, everyone, be that little bit more careful so that the next time I see this great yellow bird it will again be in readiness, not in anger.

And so not to end on such a sombre note, click the link to enjoy the acceptable side of Fire On The Mountain.