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TGIF - Algarve Style

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I'm a late riser.

It's 7am and the mobile on the bedside table (it is NEVER is on the bedside table) has just made a rude noise. Responding to my other half's question, I say that it was just a text message coming in. I roll over and fall back asleep, just in time for the musical nuisance to burst again into life, albeit this time expectedly.

It's now 8am and I had set the alarm, as today we are expecting early morning visitors to complete the installation of the flyscreens. So that's it, now I'm awake. "That text message that came in was probably the screen man cancelling", says the OH. "That was my alarm" says I. Ascertaining that the reference made was to the first interruption of a good night's sleep, I look at the phone to find a message from the installer, begging off due to illness at home. Damn, I hate it when I'm wrong before I even get out of bed!

So, now we're up, with the intention of returning to bed as soon as the cats are fed.

First things first - check to see if the water which stopped flowing yesterday has returned. No, it hasn't.
Now feed the cats. This means ours, and the vagabond that now regularly visits, looking for handouts. The hairy hobo first, so as to attempt to keep it out of the kitchen while ours are fed. Nanoseconds after putting it's plate down on the patio the plate is empty and the furball is in the kitchen with it's head in our cat's plate. The elder of ours accepts this bemusedly, while the younger, who has been removed three times from the countertop, is crawling up the winerack. The source of it's interest is soon located as a bird flies across the kitchen, disappearing into a pantry.

The kitchen door open, so that the bird can fly out, is now an open invitation for the stray to yet again return to our cats' breakfast. The bird flies wildly from the pantry, not out the open door, but now into the lounge, with the young one in hot pursuit.

In the meantime, the PC which I switched on first thing is locked in death throes with my email server, as there is a corrupt email preventing the download cycle from completing and deleting the posts from the server. With each fresh attempt at receiving, the entire cache of email is again downloaded, then the system times out and 5 minutes later another full tranche of mail arrives, numbering now in the hundreds.

The interloping cat is now asleep on the patio, our little one has lost - or lost interest in - the bird. We still have no water. The screens will not be installed. My computer has just retrieved another parcel of redundant emails. It's 9:30 and I should still be in bed.