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The Algarvean Daze Twitter For Dummies Primer Part Two

If, after reading Part One, you're still interested, there may be a possibility that you went to and created an account for yourself. If you aren't interested, or you haven't created an account, why not go to and listen to some music chosen specially for you. The rest of you, however, can do that later.

The page that you want to be on when you have signed in is your Twitter HOME page (if you're uncertain, click on HOME in the menu bar at the top right). This is the page that you send tweets from, using the box at the top of the page. If you remember from last week, a tweet starting with a '@' is sent to a named person and is visible to all looking at your homepage, a tweet starting without a '@' is visible to all but sent to nobody in particular.

In the right column of your HOME page there is a search box. If you want to follow people who tweet things that you are interested in, this is the place to start. OK, let's say that you are interested in things people may tweet about the Algarve. Search for 'Algarve', and when the list of tweets appears, should you see one that interests you click on the Twitterer's name at the beginning of the tweet. This will open a copy of that particular person's home page so that you can see more of what they have written. If you think that you would like to see future tweets from this person, automatically, click on the FOLLOW button just beneath the user's avatar at the top of their list of tweets. That's it, you're now a follower and any posts made by that person will show up in your HOME page soon after posting. After clicking on the FOLLOW button you will still be looking at that persons home page. Just click on HOME, in the menu at the top of the page, and you'll return to your own HOME page.

Once you're back on your own HOME page, look at the numbers just under your username, which is at the top of the right column. These numbers show how many people you are automatically following, how many people are following your tweets, and how many tweets you have made, in total.

As people begin to see what you have posted, some will begin to follow you. Depending on how the menu options SETTINGS/NOTICES are configured, you may receive an email each time someone new starts following you. When this happens, you may wish to look at their home page and if they look interesting, follow them in return.

Finally, to get back to the page that you use to post tweets and to see what posts have been made which include you, click on HOME in the menu at the top of the page. To see your account as others see it, click on PROFILE on the top menu, or if you're already on the home page, clicking on the your username beneath the menu will also show your PROFILE page.

Details about who you follow, who follows you and how many tweets you have made are shown slightly differently, depending which page you are viewing.

There are two additional functions in the right column that you should be aware of, first is the one that starts @(your user name). Clicking on this takes you to a list of tweets that were sent directly to you, by someone using the '@' prefix to your username. The other is Direct Messages, which are messages sent ONLY to you and not visible even in your homepage. Viewing and sending these is done by clicking on the Direct Messages link.

Next week I'll have a look at Twibes, not a part of Twitter but a complimentary application that allows people with an interest in a specific subject to view tweets relating ONLY to that subject.

If you got the bug and want more, now, visit the Twitter Help pages, HERE.