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The Algarvean Daze Twitter For Dummies Primer Part Three

Not really a part of Twitter, but a very useful add-on nevertheless. Twibes gathers together on a single page, groups of tweets related to a single subject.

Let's say that you have a particular interest in a subject, for the sake of this example, we'll assume the Algarve. Going to and searching for 'Algarve' would return a result of two twibes, one related to the Algarve, one related to Algarve Golf. Just to humour me, let's forget the golf and go to the twibe with the greater number of members - 'Algarve'.

Once the twibe details have loaded you will see pictorial list of all the Twitterers who have joined the twibe, and beneath, a list of tweets that are only displayed if they contain one or more of the predefined keywords that the administration of the twibe has designated as being relevant to the core reason the twibe exists. In the case of the 'Algarve' twibe these words are Algarve and Algarvean.

Whenever a twibe member makes a tweet, in Twitter, that contains one of these words, the tweet will be reproduced on the twibe page after a short delay. This restricts the potential number of tweets you may need to read to only ones that are of interest to the twibe and you.

Once you are aware of the existence of a twibe you can go there directly by adding the twibe name in the url like this -

To view the contents of a twibe you only need to go there. To contribute to a twibe you need to have a twitter account, and once signed in to your twitter account, go to twibes a click the JOIN button on the right. This will automatically create a tweet in your twitter account that when you send, will create your membership within the twibe. If a twibe that is of interest to you does not exist, you may create one which will be linked to your Twitter account. More details about this are on the twibes main page.

This ends my life as an educator. I'll now go back to writing about the Algarve, and you can read all about it here, or in the Algarve twibe. Thanx for following.