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Bestaurant: Kalu Beach Bar, Praia Grande, Ferragudo

If your idea of Algarve beach bars is in tune with the recent, local municipal thinking that all seaside establishments should be soulless and conformist, you will not be impressed with Kalu.

If however, you enjoy a warm welcome, great snacks, a view to die for in a bar typical of what Portuguese beach bars used to be - and all at prices that don't make you worry too much about the exchange rate, head to Kalu Beach Bar on Praia Grande at Ferragudo.

With a menu that has strong Dutch overtones, you will be hard pushed to narrow your choice down to a single item - nor should you! We have found that the best way to make the most of what's on offer is to order a number of dishes and then share them among the group. And I say group, because once you find Kalu (not an easy thing, first time) you will want to impress your friends by introducing them to this Algarvean oasis.

Heading down the stairs to the beach at Praia Grande, the easiest way to find Kalu is to go straight, all the way to the boardwalk, turn left and follow your nose until your feet hit the sand. Turn left again and head from the beach to the verdant hideaway that is Kalu. There is another, shorter way in, but that two minutes extra walk will set you up nicely for an icy cold beer.

Wilma, Arnaud, Ad and Chico make even the first time visitor feel as if they've been visiting for years. And after trying Kalu once, that is what you will surely wish to do.

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UPDATE: Kalu Beach Bar is now an Algarve WiFi hotspot