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Corn Flaked

The season has now commenced. Although some tourist establishments are still preaching doom and gloom, a business report published a few days ago stated that hotel occupancy in the Algarve was, for the previous week, running at 80%. That's not too bad for a recession.

As more people arrive and migrate toward the coast, we will now migrate more toward the north side of the 125. The visitors don't need to be tripping over us in Modelo. And vice versa.

Shopping is a pastime I can agreeably do without. So to be obligated to share the necessary time in a supermarket with ANYBODY else other than my shopping partner and the checkout staff really gets right up my nose. It's not just the crowds. It's the action of the crowds.

As an example - these two blurred images were shamelessly nicked from the websites of Kelloggs UK and Kelloggs Portugal. They are different. They are written in two different languages. But really, people, is it necessary to have a family conference in the cereal aisle, with Mom, Dad, 2.4 children, associated pushchairs and an askew trolley to decide if this is what you normally have for breakfast?

The company name is the same. The rooster is the same. 'Corn Flakes' are the same words in both languages. You do not read Portuguese. Turning the box over, examining all sides, passing it from parent to child and back again will not facilitate your decision making process. You belong on the beach. You do not want to spend your holiday in a grocery store. PUT the box in your abandonned, sideways cart and move along. If your first instinct tells you that the product is the same, go with it.

And PLEASE, do not get out the calculator and determine the cost difference before you make the decision to buy. Even if it's double what you would normally pay, buy it. Failure to buy the product you know requires you reading the cartons of products you have never heard of!

Keep it simple. You're on holiday. You're worth it, regardless of the cost! And I'm trying to get to the Cheerios!