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Upcoming Event: Le Mans 1000km do Algarve

Three days of racing excitement commence on Friday 31 July 2009 at the Autodromo do Algarve (Algarve Motor Park) near Portimao.

The main event, the 1000km Le Mans Series night race starts at 19:15 on Saturday and continues until around 1:15 on Sunday morning.

Test and qualifying sessions for all classes take place on Thursday, with open sessions on Friday. On Saturday, prior to the main race, the Seat Super Copa, Superstars, CER, Radical European Masters, Formula Renault 3.5 and Formula Le Mans classes take to the track.

Sunday finishes the weekend with the final races in the Seat Super Copa Leon, Superstars, Radical European Masters and Formula Le Mans classes.

Algarve Motor Park | More details, in Portuguese

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Flora: New Perspectives And Newbiscus

With our friend, a recent visitor, safely deposited at Faro airport, we returned home to begin anew the process of recovery from a week of excess. Reflecting on the things that went well and the things that we could have done better, we naturally were pleased to recall the things that impressed our guest the most.

What we have begun to take for granted easily stood out when pointed out to us by our temporary family member. It is still cheaper to live in Portugal than the UK. Not just day to day items, but those little occasional expenses that tap into our reserves. Our friend decided an appropriate gift would be some unusual plants for our garden, and having chosen quite a few, was amazed at how little the total cost was. We can only take her word for it, but she believes that to have purchased the same plants (had they been available) in the UK would have cost her at least four times the amount here, and the plants wouldn't have been as large. So Portugal scores another point, and we've been again reminded to count our blessings.

And for our most welcome friend, who was very impressed with the Newbiscus we bought last year, here's a current photo. Thankfully, the sixty-plus buds haven't all become 25cm blooms together!

Upcoming Event: 15th Loulé Jazz Festival

The second part of the Allgarve jazz season, the 15th Loulé Jazz Festival, commences on 18 July 2009.

18 July, 10 pm, Loulé
Francesco Caffiso Quartet
Cerca do Convento
Tickets: Casa da Cultura de Loulé | Map

25 July, 10 pm, Loulé
Al di Meola World Sinfonia
Monumento Duarte Pacheco
Tickets: Casa da Cultura de Loulé | Map

26 July, 10 pm, Loulé
Chick Corea and Gary Burton - Duets
Monumento Duarte Pacheco
Tickets & FNAC, Worten and Agências Abreu & at the venue only on the day of the concert (unless sold out) | Map

1 August, 10 pm, Loulé
Mário Laginha Trio
Cerca do Convento
Tickets: Casa da Cultura de Loulé | Map

Dem Ol' Airline Trashed My Luggage Again Blues

Not really the truth, as I haven't flown recently. But with the peak holiday season approaching, it goes without saying that someone's luggage, and because of it, possibly a holiday, will end up being destroyed.

What I'm about to suggest that you have a look at is not directly related to the Algarve. It does hold relevance however, to both the occasional attitude of some airline personnel and to the likelihood of gaining compensation for your damaged possessions, entrusted for safe keeping to your chosen carrier.

While the gentleman involved did finally manage to gain some satisfaction from United Airlines, the lengths he had to go to - and fortunately was able to go to - were extreme.

The bottom line is that if you can make enough of a nuisance of yourself, all is possible. Watch how the Sons of Maxwell, a band fronted by Dave Carroll, used the power of the internet and a song they wrote called United Breaks Guitars to bring United Airlines down to earth.

And, as the mere sound of this song will for years to come bestow abject terror in the hearts of airline officials everywhere, learn the chorus - just in case you need it at the carousel!

Upcoming Event: Windsurfing Proam 2009, 2nd Algarve Stage

The second Algarvean stage of the three stage Spanish and Portuguese Windsurfing Federations 2009 Portuguese calendar takes place on 18 and 19 July at Meia Praia, Lagos.

Again, Slalom and Long Distance events make up the card for this two day (Saturday & Sunday) event.

The event is open to all windsurfing enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs alike.

More details from the PROAM website.

The third stage takes place in August. More details closer to the event.

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Overtaken By Events

Where has the time gone? I'm now at least a couple of days behind on posting to Algarvean Daze, I still haven't caught up with the ever increasing glut of emails that sit, taunting me, unanswered, and in some cases, unread. I'm sliding into the abyss.

It would be so easy to blame my lethargy on sleepless nights, facilitated by the rapid growth of our new kitten, Chere Khan, who, along with her rapidly growing teeth and irretractable claws, now refuses to be contained anywhere other than where we are. If she is not attached to my leg she is attached to my arm. I look as if I was dragged via a stampeding stallion through a bramble patch. And back again. Not a pretty sight.

Or, I could blame our friends, some old and some new, whose company and beverages I enjoy far too much for my own good. I could blame the Algarve restaurants and their owners for always affording us such good food and good atmosphere. I could blame the Algarve weather for ensuring that late into the evening there was no incentive to return indoors and begin my scribbles anew.

Yes, there's a lot of things I could use as excuses for being a little bit too laid back. But no excuses - I came to the Algarve to chill out. That's what I'm doing, and so far I think I'm making a pretty good job of it.

Upcoming Event: 28th Faro International Motorcycle Weekend

The weekend of 16-19 July 2009 sees the convergence of tens of thousands of motorcyclists on the site near Faro, Algarve. Always a spectacular sight to behold, the 28th gathering will undoubtedly live up to it's reputation as one of the best summer events in the Algarve.

The admission price includes an official bag which contains a T-shirt, rally badge, sticker, a different surprise gift each year, coupons for free meals, coupons to give you the opportunity of entering the draw for both a brand new motorcycle and a free week in Daytona.

Bands and artists confirmed at the time of writing this were Europe, Children of the Damned, Hora Zulu, David Fonseca, Tara Perdida, Loquillo, St Dominic's Gospel Choir, and Fatal Smile.

Plug 37 01'28.00''N, 7 58'38.00''W into your GPS or use the maps link below.

Information | Maps

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