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Upcoming Event: 28th Faro International Motorcycle Weekend

The weekend of 16-19 July 2009 sees the convergence of tens of thousands of motorcyclists on the site near Faro, Algarve. Always a spectacular sight to behold, the 28th gathering will undoubtedly live up to it's reputation as one of the best summer events in the Algarve.

The admission price includes an official bag which contains a T-shirt, rally badge, sticker, a different surprise gift each year, coupons for free meals, coupons to give you the opportunity of entering the draw for both a brand new motorcycle and a free week in Daytona.

Bands and artists confirmed at the time of writing this were Europe, Children of the Damned, Hora Zulu, David Fonseca, Tara Perdida, Loquillo, St Dominic's Gospel Choir, and Fatal Smile.

Plug 37 01'28.00''N, 7 58'38.00''W into your GPS or use the maps link below.

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