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Overtaken By Events

Where has the time gone? I'm now at least a couple of days behind on posting to Algarvean Daze, I still haven't caught up with the ever increasing glut of emails that sit, taunting me, unanswered, and in some cases, unread. I'm sliding into the abyss.

It would be so easy to blame my lethargy on sleepless nights, facilitated by the rapid growth of our new kitten, Chere Khan, who, along with her rapidly growing teeth and irretractable claws, now refuses to be contained anywhere other than where we are. If she is not attached to my leg she is attached to my arm. I look as if I was dragged via a stampeding stallion through a bramble patch. And back again. Not a pretty sight.

Or, I could blame our friends, some old and some new, whose company and beverages I enjoy far too much for my own good. I could blame the Algarve restaurants and their owners for always affording us such good food and good atmosphere. I could blame the Algarve weather for ensuring that late into the evening there was no incentive to return indoors and begin my scribbles anew.

Yes, there's a lot of things I could use as excuses for being a little bit too laid back. But no excuses - I came to the Algarve to chill out. That's what I'm doing, and so far I think I'm making a pretty good job of it.