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Another Holiday

Not a holiday, as in going on vacation, but a public holiday, a bank holiday.

We have decided that it would be churlish not to pay homage to all the countries that have had an influence in our lives, and the best way would to be to observe the public holidays in the spirit intended.

As I am American, my significant other half is British and we live in Portugal, we find that we are forced to immerse ourselves in the national holidays of three different societies. There are obvious drawbacks in doing so, for example on days of communal events such as Christmas and New Years, where we are obliged to party three times harder and to a rolling time zone which extends the day well beyond 24 hours, thus avoiding any offense to any one or more host countries.

Today, in Portugal, is Implantação da República (Republic Day). It commemorates the proclamation of the Portuguese First Republic in 1910.

And my proclamation? Off to the beach for lunch!