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Trick or Treat

I wrote this some years ago - if you've already seen it I apologise

The evil spectres roam the land
Beyond control and out of hand
You cannot run, you cannot hide
Their morbid lusts won't be denied

They watch you coming from afar
They always know just where you are
So warn your children as they play
That they should always keep away

From those who cloak themselves in black
Boldly waiting to attack
Their easy prey, the fatted hen
For they will get you in the end

No place is safe, no place secure
No place to run, there is no cure
Your time will come, and be aware
You will be caught up in their snare

Where plaintive cries, ever louder
Get lost in the smell of powder
And pagan customs of the years
Magnify your deepest fears

Of men possessed of secret words
In chambers dark where pleas are heard
For judgement to be swift and kind
So great is the spell they bind

That the mystique must be maintained
(While from you the blood is drained)
Their evil practice never ending
Heed this message that I'm sending

Defend youself against this foe
(Even though you really know
That should you win you will still lose)
Your life is there for them to use

So bar the windors, lock the doors
From Lawyers and Solicitors
Who laugh while listening to your screams
So Trick or Treat, and have sweet dreams

Happy Halloween!