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Algarvean Daze is pleased to announce it's alliance with a number of Algarve-focused information websites.

These currently include the Online Petition site aimed at facilitating the repair of the EN264, the Algoz - Messines road, an informative site about the Red Palm Weevil, the pest which is systematically destroying Canary Palms across Europe and the Algarve, and a real-time Golf Information webpage which displays news items about golf and golf related issues, but with an Algarve bias.

Additional websites will likely be added to this list, but always with the Algarve at the forefront. We hope that you find the information supplied by these partner pages helpful and informative.

Too Many Sad Endings

I've just recently heard that SOS Algarve Animals: Quintinha dos Animais at Goldra is to close down by the end of May. This imprints a large question mark upon the lives of the many cats and dogs who have been abandoned, rescued by SOS Algarve Animals, and now again face an unknown and potentially undesirable fate.

You can help. Why not visit the website and read the blog? There you will find information about what's still needed between now and closure, along with pictures of some of the animals waiting to be re-homed.

Maria de Lourdes Ingle set up her animal sanctuary in the hills above Loule in Goldra back in 1999. The land, some 7000 square metres, was originally bought by her in 1985 to develop in to villas. However, Lourdes, who was living in England at that time, frequently returned to her native Algarve. Each time she returned, the more distressed she was by the sheer number of cats and dogs roaming the streets, some starving, some diseased, all neglected and scavenging for survival amongst the rubbish bins. Some, of course, were feral, others family pets that the family no longer wanted.

Sadly, with the closure of the sanctuary, all this must now end. Maria has cared for over a decade. Now it's our turn.

Algarve Events 2010

The list below is a summary of a variety of events taking place in the Algarve during 2010.

As and when more information becomes available about any individual event, we will make a separate posting with those details and links directly to those articles will be available from here.


Too late now - just woke up from 2009 - I'll do better next year!


6-7 February
SkySurf Pro Tour - Portimao Municipal Aerodrome (Alvor)

13-21 February
Carnival Week - Venues across the Algarve - Loule, Albufeira, Portimao

17-21 February
Tour of the Algarve Cycle Race


7 March
33rd IAAF Almond Blossom Cross Country Race - Albufeira

24 March...
Vilamoura Equestrian Tour 2010 - Centro Hípico e Desportivo de Vilamoura

26-28 March
WSBK - World Superbike Championship - Euromillions Round - Autodromo do Algarve


1-4 April
Portimao Trophy Windsurfing Championships

...18 April
Vilamoura Equestrian Tour 2010 - Centro Hípico e Desportivo de Vilamoura

14-16 May
Portuguese Touring Car Championship - Autodromo do Algarve

21-23 May
Superstars - International Ferrari Challenge - Formula 3000 - Autodromo do Algarve

27-30 May
Vodafone Rally de Portugal


5-6 June
International Algarve Fair - Fatacil - Lagoa


2-4 July
World Touring Car Championship - Autodromo do Algarve

16-18 July - Le Mans Series - Historic Group C Racing - Autodromo do Algarve



17-19 September
FIA-GT World Championship - British Formula 4 - Autodromo do Algarve


15-17 October
Algarve Historic Festival - Historic F1 Racing - Autodromo do Algarve


13-14 November
Portuguese Touring Car Championship - Autodromo do Algarve


REMEMBER - This summary will be updated throughout the year - Check back regularly!

Crimes Against Tourists. And Residents.

Assault and battery, extortion, break-ins, theft, highway robbery and murder. Just a few of the crimes commited against motorists using the EN264 road between Algoz and Sao Bartolomeu de Messines in the concelho (county) of Silves, in the Algarve.

Anyone using the road between Algoz and Messines knows how their vehicles have been assaulted by the unmaintained roadway, how their cars have been battered into a state often requiring expensive remedial maintenance. Visitors hiring cars know about the way that car-rental companies extort money to hedge their position against the many irreparably damaged tyres that festoon cars which have had the mis-fortune to use this 'road'.

Broken suspensions are frequent, stealing away from car owners the longevity of service that they expect when purchasing a new vehicle. The cost of this is not borne by the council or the state. The real cost of using this public road is paid by the motorists, the residents, the visitors, the taxpayers.

Will it take death on this road, a municipal homicide, to cause the local government officials to act on behalf of the people who elected them to serve?

Support the action against these crimes - WWW.EN264.INFO

A New Year, A New Cause

First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to all readers of Algarvean Daze. Thank you for your support in 2009. I will try to be a bit more active during 2010, a bit more consistent with my blogs.

My first posting this year is in the form of an appeal. I need the help of each of you, and of all of your friends.

The road, the EN264 between Sao Bartolomeu de Messines and Algoz, is a deathtrap. Successive terms of government by Isabel Soares as head of the Camara Municipal de Silves have done nothing to remedy the situation, in actual fact, the condition of the road has deteriorated under the stewardship of Mrs Soares.

Now that she has been re-elected, all impetus for action has been effectively removed. She can again coast until the next election.

To help keep her attention focused on the issues which affect her constituents and visitors, Algarvean Daze has launched an online appeal in the form of an e-petition, which will hopefully garner enough support to cause her to take heed and to take action.

Please support our endeavour by signing the petition. You may do so directly by clicking HERE, or visit the Boulevard Isabel Soares WEBSITE or the Boulevard Isabel Soares BLOG.

And please pass this quest for action along to all your friends. If you blog, add a link, if you use social network sites such as Twitter or Facebook, please make a posting. Write to the newspapers and ask for their support. We will all benefit from unified action.

Again, Happy New Year and hopefully, in respect of the EN 264, this appeal will not need to be repeated in 2011.