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Crimes Against Tourists. And Residents.

Assault and battery, extortion, break-ins, theft, highway robbery and murder. Just a few of the crimes commited against motorists using the EN264 road between Algoz and Sao Bartolomeu de Messines in the concelho (county) of Silves, in the Algarve.

Anyone using the road between Algoz and Messines knows how their vehicles have been assaulted by the unmaintained roadway, how their cars have been battered into a state often requiring expensive remedial maintenance. Visitors hiring cars know about the way that car-rental companies extort money to hedge their position against the many irreparably damaged tyres that festoon cars which have had the mis-fortune to use this 'road'.

Broken suspensions are frequent, stealing away from car owners the longevity of service that they expect when purchasing a new vehicle. The cost of this is not borne by the council or the state. The real cost of using this public road is paid by the motorists, the residents, the visitors, the taxpayers.

Will it take death on this road, a municipal homicide, to cause the local government officials to act on behalf of the people who elected them to serve?

Support the action against these crimes - WWW.EN264.INFO