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A New Year, A New Cause

First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to all readers of Algarvean Daze. Thank you for your support in 2009. I will try to be a bit more active during 2010, a bit more consistent with my blogs.

My first posting this year is in the form of an appeal. I need the help of each of you, and of all of your friends.

The road, the EN264 between Sao Bartolomeu de Messines and Algoz, is a deathtrap. Successive terms of government by Isabel Soares as head of the Camara Municipal de Silves have done nothing to remedy the situation, in actual fact, the condition of the road has deteriorated under the stewardship of Mrs Soares.

Now that she has been re-elected, all impetus for action has been effectively removed. She can again coast until the next election.

To help keep her attention focused on the issues which affect her constituents and visitors, Algarvean Daze has launched an online appeal in the form of an e-petition, which will hopefully garner enough support to cause her to take heed and to take action.

Please support our endeavour by signing the petition. You may do so directly by clicking HERE, or visit the Boulevard Isabel Soares WEBSITE or the Boulevard Isabel Soares BLOG.

And please pass this quest for action along to all your friends. If you blog, add a link, if you use social network sites such as Twitter or Facebook, please make a posting. Write to the newspapers and ask for their support. We will all benefit from unified action.

Again, Happy New Year and hopefully, in respect of the EN 264, this appeal will not need to be repeated in 2011.