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If Ryanair Rented Villas

Just like restaurants that charge €12 for a €2 bottle of house wine - because they can, I find the actions of some villa owners equally despicable.

Some recent browsing, comparing villa prices, has thrown up a disturbing trend. Villas renting at a £1000 peak-season premium, compared to their economy rates, seem to be adopting the attitude of no-frills airlines. As if the extra £1000 weekly income weren't enough, some owners are slapping on a surcharge of £100-200 per week for air conditioning.

What next? Charges to use the pool? To use the BBQ? To watch TV? To park your car? In an economic climate where people are increasingly money conscious, wouldn't it be better to give apparent value for money by stating an all-inclusive price, rather that extorting additional amounts for goods and services which are already effectively paid for in the rental premium?