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The A22 Dilemma

Asking friends, the universal answer to the question "In the pre-A22 days, would you have paid to get out of one of the frequent traffic jams to which the EN125 was so prone?" was a resounding and emphatic "YES!". So what has changed? It doesn't appear that the now almost unanimous opposition to turning the A22 into a toll road is one of cost.

Maybe it's the bizarre way that the tolls are to be collected, the ill-thought use of technology simply because the technology exists? Maybe it's the abject confusion that visitors to the Algarve will find themselves subjected? Maybe it's the bureaucratic nightmare that people renting cars will need to suffer? Maybe it's the inconvenience that real Post Office users will experience once the CTT becomes the payment terminal that should have been a tool booth from the inception?

Maybe it's all of the above?

If tolls are imposed on the A22, in the manner proposed, the ensuing chaos and frustration can only work against the Algarve in it's position of the chosen holiday destination for tens of thousands of money-spending guests.

Prior to this debacle, I had always thought of A 22 as a small calibre firearm. Without a doubt. I am now certain that the A22 is well and truly, a smoking gun.