Algarvean Daze

Events & Activities - mainly during the daytime - across the Algarve


Most things about the Algarve please me, and I've written often about them. To provide Ying to my Yang however, here are a few things, in reverse order, that annoy the holy bejesus out of me.

10. Expats who arrive without any real money, or a plan, then blame Portugal when it all goes ass-over-tits. Expats who arrive with more money than I did.

9. Visitors who forget that roads are for cars. Walking slowly, 6 abreast should be reserved for anti-A22 demonstrations, not seaside resorts.

8. Portuguese family reunions held in supermarket aisles. Tourist family meetings, held in the supermarket cereal aisle, to determine if the box with the rooster logo really is Corn Flakes. Their attempts to read the box just to make sure. Abandoned, sideways trolleys. Supermarkets.

7. Portuguese people who insist in responding to my attempts at speaking the language, in English.

6. English people who automatically assume that ALL Portuguese speak English, or that shouting somehow aids comprehension.

5. Paying 12€ for a bottle of Real Lavrador house wine. Paying 12€ for ANY bottle of house wine.

4. Restaurants that do not sell domestic bottled beer.

3. Loss of Sky TV during a rainstorm.

2. The (mainly) Portuguese people who will not neuter their animals but instead dump the unwanted litters into the garbage bins.

1. The state of the road between Algoz and SB Messines, Estradas de Portugal for not resurfacing it, the mayor of Silves (Ola, Sra Soares!) for not pressuring Estradas de Portugal into resurfacing it and the mid-road cavern that tore a thumb-sized hole in my tyre last week.

Right, I'm off now to buy a tyre. Até logo.