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Cafévourite: O'Grady's 12 Bar

If you didn't already know it existed, you would never have found O'Grady's 12 Bar. And that would have been an opportunity missed.

O'Grady's 12 Bar is one of those places that is as difficult to categorise as it is to find. Is it a restaurant? No. Does it serve food? Yes. At times. Is it a bar? Yes, but more than just a bar. O'Grady's 12 Bar is a venue. This is a place you visit, not just for the drink, but for the event.

The event may be, in reality, an event. Live music is the heart and soul of this hidden-away gem. Many times weekly, but normally Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, live music is accompanied by good, simple BBQ food, very reasonably priced. And if the music isn't being provided by visiting artists, the owners, accomplished musicians Kevin and Jackie O'Grady, will be the entertaining you, either indoors, among the musical memorabilia, or al-fresco, beneath massive rubber and pepper trees - depending on the weather.

O'Grady's 12 Bar is located a few kilometres off of the Silves - Algoz road, on the Agroturismo site at Quinta da Figueirinha. Google Earth tells me that this is 37°11'9.60"N 8°24'20.54"W, which is probably close enough. In any case, following the Agroturismo signs will get you there. And if you like what you see when you arrive, I won't object to you buying me a beer or two in thanks for the introduction!

UPDATE: O'Grady's 12 Bar offers it's patrons free WiFi