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This is not a recent phenomenon. My first encounter was a few years ago when I sent an anonymous email to a well established - but according to the management, struggling - Algarve tourist resort where I have a managed property. This email asked what was to me, a simple question about rates and facilities. When, after more than a week, I received a reply, I was advised that the information I required could be found on their website. That was it. No direct answer to my direct question.

More recently I have have been interested in multiple items that were advertised in private sales on a number of the good Algarve expat forums. Good descriptions, good prices - but where are the goods available to be seen? A direct question to the sellers, one that would allow me to determine whether it was viable for me to travel from my Central Algarve home to: Vale de Telha, to Vila Real de Santo Antonio, to Odeceixe, to Alcoutim? Where are the goods located? Simples! The typical response received from the sellers required me to phone, to email, to send private messages in order to be advised of the location.

In some of the cases where items were being sold, the reason for selling was a failed commercial venture. Commercial ventures that relied on the general public for success. Is it any wonder that such ventures failed, if the response provided to customers' queries was anywhere akin to that which was provided during the everything must go sale?

Is it just me, or does anyone else share my frustration in having to beg sellers, commercial or private, for information that may ultimately end up in my putting money in their hands?

I'm tired of doing other peoples' work. An email answer that provides ONLY a link to a website (a response without a thank you for your enquiry, we'll get back to you ASAP but in the meantime why not look at our website, etc) will not get my custom.

'The customer is an interruption of our days' work' may be your motto, Mr Businessman. It's not mine. So please respond quickly to my emails asking the location of your Going Out Of Business sale.