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What Rhymes With Banker?

This is not my tale. The events chronicled here happened not to me, but to a friend. I have no doubt as to the veracity of his account, so I pass it on to you without reservation.

My friend, we'll call him Dave, found himself in a situation where he could no longer use his bank card because it had expired. Never having encountered this before, as the bank had always posted his new card in a timely manner, he visited his local branch of a bank we'll call - since we have to call it something - Millennium BCP.

The conversation then goes something like this -

Dave: I haven't received my replacement card.

MBCP: We posted it to you but it was returned here as undeliverable.

Dave: What address did you send the card to?

MBCP: To your house, of course.

Dave: But I don't receive post at my house. I have a post office box. You send my statements to it.

MBCP: We don't send cards to post office boxes. We only send them to where you live.

Dave: Ok, if the card was returned to you here, may I have it now please?

MBCP: No, we always cancel all returned cards. We'll have to apply for a new card.

Dave: Where will it be sent?

MBCP: To your house.

Dave: I told you I can't receive post at my house. Why can't you send it to my post office box?

MBCP: (Exasperated response) - Because ... you ... don't ... live ... in ... the ... post ... office ...

Dave: (After a period of incredulous silence) - OK, have the card delivered here to the bank, and I'll collect it here.

MBCP: We can't do that.

Dave: Why?

MBCP: Because ... you ... don't ... live ... in ... the ... bank ...

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Dave returns to his local branch and closes his accounts, as his new bank has sent his bank cards to his post office box. When the manager overhears him closing his accounts Dave is offered the facility to receive his cards at the branch.

A most magnanimous offer, one which he however declines.